Environmental and Regulatory Affairs Committee (ERAC)

To promote understanding of the regulation of the precious metals industry among producers, refiners and users of precious metals, and among regulators and governments, and to provide a forum for discussion of technical and scientific information upon which such regulation should be based.

Membership in the ERAC is open to members of the IPMI who are willing and able to contribute their time to its activities, with a limit of fifteen. Other IPMI members are welcome as observers at all meetings.

The ERAC meets periodically, as regulatory developments require. Meetings are open to all members of the IPMI to attend as observers, subject only to meeting room size and logistical limitations.
Next Meeting April 9th,2013 10 am-3pm. Venue: BWI Marriott

Current Issues:
The IPMI ERAC closely follows U.S. regulatory developments, as well as international developments in the Basel Convention and its OECD counterpart. On Anti-Money Laundering, the ERAC follows US and FATF developments. There are a number of issues on which the IPMI ERAC is currently active, including:

1) Chloroplatinate sensitivity/toxicity; proposed drastic reductions in exposure limits in the EU and USA.
2) US EPA Classification of Precious Metal-bearing Materials and Intermediate Products.
3) Anti-Money Laundering Regulations issued by the U.S. Treasury for Dealers in Precious Metals.
4) Regulation of International Trade in Precious Metal Secondary Materials and Intermediate Products.
5) Environmentally Sound Management of Used Personal Computers and Electronic Scrap.

General links of interest
             Basel Convention
             Chloroplatinate Toxicity Meget

The IPMI and the ERAC provide information in this site, and in meetings and reports, which they believe to be accurate, to the best of their abilities, but can not assure anyone that such information is accurate or includes all developments and issues. The IPMI and the ERAC assume no responsibility to their members or to anyone else with regard to any information, opinions, or positions. No contractual or fiduciary relationship is created between any persons by the creation or use of this web site.

History of ERAC

The Environmental and Regulatory Affairs Committee (ERAC) was started in 1985 by persons and companies that saw an industry need to understand and respond to governmental regulation of the refining of precious metals. The Committee undertook the ongoing study of regulatory developments, and the responsibility of advising regulators, producers, refiners and users of precious metals of how regulations and proposed regulations would impact the industry. The ERAC has been continuously active from that beginning in United States and international developments, and is an important resource.

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