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IPMI 40th Conference Final Program
TTP Report
IPMI Has Exhibit at the Museum of American Finance
Drop by and visit our Exhibit at the Museum of American Finance.
Conflict MInerals Compliance and Supplier Sustainability Forum
This forum will take place in Amsterdam Feb 4th and 5th 2016.
IPMI and EPA Stand Together to Tighten Ozone Standards
Read the Article here.
IPMI Places Ad in the Washington Post
See IPMI's ad in the Washington Post regarding its stance with the EPA in its fight to tighten ozone
CME to Close its Trading Pits-this Historic Move Ends Nearly 150 Years of Pit Activity
Video Courtesy of MarketVoice Magazine
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Confidential TTIP Survey
IPMI is conducting a follow-up Privileged and Confidential electronic survey to collect data in
Origins of the LBMA
To mark the silver anniversary of the LBMA, the very first chairman, Robert Guy, looks back with
Conflict Minerals Rule
John Bullock comments on the SEC Conflict Minerals Rule, with additional attention to existing
IPMI Store Expands
IPMI now not only sells books and proceedings but has added lapel pins, shirts, mugs and silver

Gold Marks Highest Level in Nearly 2 Years as U.k. Plans Eu Exit - Marketwatch 06/24/16
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Survey: Investors Remain Bullish on Gold Prices for Next Week - Kitco 06/24/16
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Sharps Pixley: Gold Rockets 20 Pct
At Sharps Pixley we have already seen our busiest day ever with online sales draining our stocks of our larger bullion bars and prompting us to call on emergency reserves of kilobars from Germany. Our stocks of many coins have also been sold out with only limited availability today. - Sharps Pixley 06/24/16
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Are Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium Losing Their Relevance?
Almost half of all platinum, palladium and rhodium used industrially in the world are consumed in emission control catalysts by the automotive industry. If, as of tomorrow, all conventional engines would cease to exist, the effects on the market for these metals would be earthshaking. A mere theory, or a very real threat? - Kitco 06/23/16
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New Mexico Sues Colorado Over Gold King Mine Spill
New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas filed the complaint on Monday, alleging that Colorado's policies and practices led to the Aug. 5 incident. In May, Balderas' office filed similar lawsuits against the U.S Environmental Protection Agency and two mining companies. - Kitco 06/23/16
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Internationalisation of the Chinese Gold Market, Standard Charter 06/23/16
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Umicore Opens Catalyst Facility in Poland
Umicore has officially opened its new production plant for emission control catalysts in Nowa Ruda, Poland (near Wroclaw). The facility allows the company to meet the growing demand for automotive catalysts from its customers in Europe, a trend that is supported by tightening emission legislation in the European Union. - Umicore 06/22/16
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A Summer Retreat Regardless of Brexit Outcome - Cpm Group
Kitco interviews CPM Group's Jeff Christian: Gold prices are likely to decline this summer then recover to $1,300 an ounce or higher by year end, no matter the outcome of the U.K. referendum on Thursday, says Jeffrey Christian, managing partner of commodities research firm CPM Group. Christian is also not ruling out a retracement to the $1,180 an ounce level. - Kitco video news 06/22/16
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U.s.: Meet the Website Consigning Jewelers' Pieces - National Jeweler 06/22/16
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Frank Holmes Interviews Wgc Ceo Aram Shishmanian
"As expected of someone of his stature, Aram brought another level of insight and expertise to our discussion of gold’s Love Trade and Fear Trade." - Gold Seek 06/22/16
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Uk Royal Mint Sales up More Than a Third Ahead of Brexit Vote
UK citizens worried about the potential consequences of England leaving the European Union — dubbed Brexit (for British exit) — are rushing to buy gold and silver bars and coins, data from the UK Royal Mint shows. - 06/22/16
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Gold Supply to Drop by 7 Pct by 2021 – Newmont Ceo
Due to the past price performance of gold, supply is constrained says Gary Goldberg, president and CEO of Newmont Mining. - 06/21/16
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Precious Metal Events and Conferences
Sharps Pixley provides links to more than 40 events from now through late 2017. - Sharps Pixley 06/20/16
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2005-01-05 Member's Area Features

Comments on Ustr Notice
Update to Industry Challenge on Sec Extractive Industries Rule

Solvent-Contaminated Wipe:final Rule
Solvent-Contaminated Wipes Final Rule:responses
Erac Chair Remarks Regarding Epidemiology Study
Epidemiology Study Commissioned by Ipa Hsrg Stf
Global Pgm Flows
Sec Conflict Mineral Rule
Sec Conflict Minerals Rule
Nam V. Sec
Future of Pgm Supplies
Precious Metals Costing
Recovery of Metals From Electronics Waste Using Dc Plasma Arc Technology
Where's My Metal
Single Reagent Pgm Refining
Determination of Precious Metals by Fire Assay
Science and Economics of Precious Metal Cladding

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