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IPMI 39thConference Preliminary Program
Conference Preliminary schedule of events and speaker/topics lineup.
IPMI 39thConference Registration Form
Registration form for attendance at IPMI 39thConference to be held in San Antonio June 13-16.
IPMI and Materials Management to Hold AML Course at 39thConference
IPMI and Materials Management will hold an Anti Money Laundering Course on Saturday June 13 at the
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Arming Against Counterfeiters
See the IPMI feature on Precious Commodities, in the December 22, 2014 issue of FORTUNE Magazine
Confidential TTIP Survey
IPMI is conducting a follow-up Privileged and Confidential electronic survey to collect data in
IPMI Executive Director Reports on His Trip to China
IPMI Position Paper on Environmentally Sound Management of Used Mobile Phones
The following IPMI guidance document provides information on the environmentally sound management of
Origins of the LBMA
To mark the silver anniversary of the LBMA, the very first chairman, Robert Guy, looks back with
Conflict Minerals Rule
John Bullock comments on the SEC Conflict Minerals Rule, with additional attention to existing
IPMI New England Chapter Announces 25thAnual Jewelry Design Awards
Celebrating 25 years of giving worthy students of jewelry design awards the IPMI New England Chapter

Gold Logs First Fall in 8 Sessions - Marketwatch 03/27/15
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Outlook for Next Week's Gold Market - Kitco 03/27/15
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Stillwater Corporate Office in Billings to Close
Top executives from Montana's largest mining company are relocating to Denver and plan to close its corporate offices in Billings, Montana. - Great Falls Tribune 03/27/15
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Global Global Vehicle Sales Growth Will Boost Platinum Demand
Platinum investors have experienced a torrid time over the past few years due to the twin issues of lower prices and escalating labour unrest impacting platinum production. - Business Report 03/27/15
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U.s.:brief History of the National Numismatic Collection
The highlight of the collection is the room full of gold coins! - Coin Update 03/27/15
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Suds Turn Silver Nanoparticles in Clothes Into Duds
Fabrics toting antibacterial silver nanoparticles may not stand the test of time – or the laundry cycle. - Science News 03/27/15
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U.k.: Importance of Hallmarking Stressed by Assay Office
The Birmingham Assay Office has responded to news that a Birmingham-based jeweller has been jailed for fraudulent hallmarking, arguing retailers and consumers need to be more vigilant. - Professional Jeweller 03/27/15
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Barrick Gold 2014 Annual Report
Barrick Gold's 2014 Annual Report is available for downloading from the company's website. - Barrick Gold 03/27/15
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Study: Dollar Gyrations to Light Fire Under Gold Price
A trenchant new study by the World Gold Council dissects the relationship between the gold price and the US dollar and suggests that the precious metal may be in for a wild ride. - 03/26/15
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Gold's Relationship With the U.s. Dollar Is Complicated - Wgc
Because of a general negative correlation, short-term strength in the U.S. dollar is expected to continue to weigh on gold prices. However, gold plays a much more complex role in the global marketplace. - Kitco 03/26/15
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China Opening Doors to Gold
The Chinese administration has decided to allow more companies to import gold directly into the country. Starting from April 1st, domestic miners having assets overseas will be allowed to import yellow metal. Currently, only 15 banks in the country have gold import permits. - Resource Investor 03/26/15
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Cpm: Further Downside on Gold Prices Limited
Despite the prediction that new mined gold supply is still increasing. - Mineweb 03/26/15
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Signet Jewellers Results for Year Ended January 31, 2015 - Signet 03/26/15
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Perth Mint 2015 Chinese Ancient Mythical Creatures
The Perth Mint has started accepting orders for the 2015 Chinese Ancient Mythical Creatures High Relief 5oz Silver Proof Coin. The coin features dramatic depictions of the blue dragon, white tiger, red phoenix, and black tortoise. - Coin Update 03/26/15
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Royal Gold Exhibition to Go on Display in Edinburgh
Jewellery that sheds light on the tastes of six generations of queens is to go on show at an exhibition celebrating the qualities of gold. - BBC 03/26/15
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Photos: Black Market Gold: 03/26/15
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2005-01-05 Member's Area Features

Comments on Ustr Notice
Update to Industry Challenge on Sec Extractive Industries Rule

Solvent-Contaminated Wipe:final Rule
Solvent-Contaminated Wipes Final Rule:responses
Erac Chair Remarks Regarding Epidemiology Study
Epidemiology Study Commissioned by Ipa Hsrg Stf
Global Pgm Flows
Sec Conflict Mineral Rule
Sec Conflict Minerals Rule
Nam V. Sec
Cash for Clunkers
Precious Metals Costing
Recovery of Metals From Electronics Waste Using Dc Plasma Arc Technology
Silver Market Overview
Where's My Metal

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