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IPMI 39thConference Final Program
Conference Final Program schedule of events and speaker/topics lineup.
IPMI and Materials Management to Hold AML Course at 39thConference
IPMI and Materials Management will hold an Anti Money Laundering Course on Saturday June 13 at the
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Arming Against Counterfeiters
See the IPMI feature on Precious Commodities, in the December 22, 2014 issue of FORTUNE Magazine
Confidential TTIP Survey
IPMI is conducting a follow-up Privileged and Confidential electronic survey to collect data in
IPMI Executive Director Reports on His Trip to China
IPMI Position Paper on Environmentally Sound Management of Used Mobile Phones
The following IPMI guidance document provides information on the environmentally sound management of
Origins of the LBMA
To mark the silver anniversary of the LBMA, the very first chairman, Robert Guy, looks back with
Conflict Minerals Rule
John Bullock comments on the SEC Conflict Minerals Rule, with additional attention to existing
IPMI New England Chapter Announces 25thAnual Jewelry Design Awards
Celebrating 25 years of giving worthy students of jewelry design awards the IPMI New England Chapter

Archaeologists Find Gold,silver Pirate Treasure in Madagascar
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Gold Ends Weaker, Gets No Help From Bullish Outside Markets - Kitco 0/21/15
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Gold Settles Lower as Market Mulls Timing of U.s. Rate Hike - Marketwatch 05/21/15
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Will China Go for a Gold Standard? the Jury Is Out!
Bloomberg's Ken Hoffmann sets out his researchers’ findings on the possibility of China coming up with some form of gold standard to back the yuan. - Mineweb 05/21/15
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Cme Developing European Gold Futures Contract
The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) is developing a European gold futures contract to serve customers in London, three sources familiar with the matter said, which could present a direct challenge to London's traditional cash market. - Reuters 05/21/15
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Jewellers Back to Black With Rhodium, Ruthenium
Ice-white platinum has long had enduring appeal in jewellery and experimental designers are now also turning to its lesser-known sister metals rhodium and ruthenium to produce work in darker hues. - Reuters 05/20/15
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India's Gold Monetisation Plan Lacks Lustre - Industry
A proposal in India to attract thousands of tonnes of gold owned by households into a bank deposit scheme will likely fail in its current form as it does not address some key concerns for banks and consumers. - Reuters 05/20/15
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Eu Lawmakers Surprise With Vote on Blood Metals Ban
The European Parliament unexpectedly voted Wednesday in favour of banning all products that contain conflict minerals from war zones in Africa, in a fresh effort to eliminate them completely from the European supply chain. -
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One Canadian Fund Made 700m Bet on Gold
Canadian asset manager CI Investments purchased a whopping 6,117,900 shares of SPDR Gold Shares worth $703.6 million during the first three months of the year. - 05/20/15
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Gold Production Falls During Q1 – Snl Metals & Mining
Gold production tumbled in the first quarter of 2015, compared to data from the fourth quarter of 2014. - Kitco 05/19/15
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Global Platinum Demand Up, Supply Down
2015 will see deficit for fourth year running: World Platinum Investment Council report. - Mineweb 05/19/15
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India: Jewellers Seek to Revive Rural Demand
Jewellers are taking measures to deal with the downturn in rural gold demand due to unseasonal rains, hailstorm, overproduction and uncertainty over monsoon in the upcoming kharif season. - Economic Times 05/19/15
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Platinum Recycling From Cars Heads for Record Despite Low Prices
Platinum autocatalyst recycling could top 1 million oz. - Reuters 05/19/15
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Update to Industry Challenge on Sec Extractive Industries Rule

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Sec Conflict Minerals Rule
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