Gold's Game-Changing Role In Hydrogen Fuel Evolution

Gold's Game-Changing Role In Hydrogen Fuel Evolution

By Brian Westenhaus - Aug 24, 2023, 12:00 PM CDT

  • Chiba University's team discovered that combining gold and nickel improves the hydrogen evolution reaction in water electrolysis.
  • The study showed that the efficiency of the GoldNickel/Gold electrocatalyst increased due to surface defects from Nickel dealloying.
  • The findings have the potential to reduce water electrolysis costs and promote a hydrogen-driven society, replacing traditional platinum catalysts.

Chiba University researchers show the hydrogen evolution reaction activity of a GoldNickel/Gold electrocatalyst increases due to surface defects formed via Nickel dealloying. Gold (Au)-based electrocatalysts used for hydrogen production via water electrolysis exhibit high chemical stability but low hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) activity. Alloying them with nickel (Ni) can improve their HER activity.

Now, a team of researchers from Chiba University, led by Associate Professor Masashi Nakamura from the Graduate School of Engineering and including doctoral student Syunnosuke Tanaka from the Graduate School of Science and Engineering and Professor Nagahiro Hoshi from the Graduate School of Engineering, has bridged the gap in the understanding of AuNi electrocatalysts.

In their recent breakthrough article published in ChemElectroChem, the team investigated the surface structure, atomic arrangement, and HER activity of AuNi surface alloys prepared at different alloying temperatures on single-crystal Au electrodes.

During the study the team investigated the HER activity and surface properties of AuNi alloy prepared on single crystal Au surfaces, revealing the atomic structural changes and surface sites responsible for enhanced HER activity of AuNi/Au catalyst during electrolysis.


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