Mastermelt’s double strategic acquisitions in homogeneous catalyst recycling.

Mastermelt’s double strategic acquisitions in homogeneous catalyst recycling.


Mastermelt Ltd – Precious Metal Recovery Specialist proudly announces the strategic acquisition of IEX Technologies Ltd, a leading provider of advanced ion exchange materials and process technology.

Simultaneously, we are pleased to announce the acquisition of the solvent distillation process plant from Green Lizard Technologies Ltd.

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This pivotal move signifies Mastermelt’s commitment to its next phase of growth, placing a primary focus on complex precious metal recovery technologies for the growing homogeneous catalyst market.
As part of this expansion, Mastermelt is pleased to welcome the expertise of IEX Technologies into its family, renowned for supplying advanced materials and full process solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.

The addition of the state-of-the-art solvent distillation plant from the University of Belfast spinout, Green Lizard Technologies, enables a full-service package for customers including characterisation, process design and local processing. The distillation facility, with its configurable process routes and intrinsic safety systems, will allow safe and efficient processing of hazardous homogeneous catalyst solutions at a larger scale.

Dr Jamie Conway-Baker, COO of Mastermelt, expressed great optimism about the next stage of growth.
“The valuable assets and technical capabilities of IEX Technologies Ltd, together with the Green Lizard Technologies Ltd distillation plant, will form Mastermelts Homcat Recycling Centre of Excellence at the prestigious Wilton Centre, Teeside. These acquisitions further strengthen our position as a complete all-in-one solution provider.”Key market segments include the recovery of precious metals from complex homogeneous catalyst waste streams from the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and fine chemical industries.

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Dr Steve Colley, Founder of IEX Technologies,
“The acquisition allows us to bring our advanced recovery technologies to an even wider market and represents a great opportunity to drive innovation.”


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