How Tulsa cops took down a $545 million catalytic converter crime ring

Fancy sport cars, designer jewelry and over $4 million in cash were among the items seized by federal authorities last fall during a takedown of an alleged catalytic converter theft operation that spanned the nation.

Together, the cash and items seized by authorities make it the largest seizure case in the history of the Northern District of Oklahoma, according to a spokeswoman. The district is a federal judicial region that includes Tulsa County and 10 other counties in northeast Oklahoma.

The seizures come after law enforcement from several federal agencies executed search warrants simultaneously Nov. 2 at properties in Coweta and Wagoner, as well as New Jersey.

A list of the items seized includes nearly $2 million in cash seized at various locations and a stable of vehicles that would make even comedian and famous car collector Jay Leno proud.

A much shorter, partial list of cash and items seized that was included in the November indictment included $1.1 million seized May 8 in Wyandotte, $1 million seized May 11 in Texas and $500,000 intercepted May 2 at the Tulsa International Airport, along with real property in Wagoner, a Volvo XC6, a boat and trailer, and various financial accounts.