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This issue of Johnson Matthey Technology Review is themed around platinum group metals (pgms). The topic is introduced with a guest editorial from Emma Schofield, Platinum Group Metal Research Fellow at Johnson Matthey, UK.


There is a focus on palladium, with a pair of linked articles from Professor Bruce Lipshutz and Emma Schofield giving vital perspectives on palladium in organic synthesis. On other pgms, Becker and Gries investigate the properties of additively manufactured platinum-rhodium alloys, while Zarinejad et al. consider the dependence of mechanical properties of platinum-rhodium binary alloys on valence electron parameters. Schmitt et al. explore the technical parameters of platinum-based metallic glasses for jewellery applications, whereas Klotz and König study the additive manufacturing of platinum alloys for jewellery items.  


Also in the issue, Cabot et al. review the performance, stability, durability and cost of iridium- and platinum-based catalytic materials in proton exchange membrane water electrolysers, Morton and Mansell explore selective hydrocarbon activation using rhodium and iridium complexes and Rosen et al. present their work on the electrochemical synthesis of monodisperse platinum-cobalt nanocrystals.


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Johnson Matthey Technology Review