Precious Metals Industry: How to Connect, Learn & Build Relationships

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From June, 2023 at the IPMI's 47th Annual Conference, in Scottsdale Arizona. "If you look at the transactions between service providers and even every step of the way on the moving metal around, there's a lot of trust that's built in for one person to deal with the next person who deals with the next person. The IPMI provides the landscape to really build those relationships." - Larry Drummond

We had the pleasure and opportunity to sit down with Larry Drummond, Executive Director of the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI), at this years 47th annual IPMI Conference.

The IPMI is the pre-eminent Precious Metal trade organization in the world, with over 600 members from companies who form the backbone of the industry. Membership gives you access to the largest communities of professionals in the precious metals industry.

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