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Sibanye Stillwater & Heraeus

Heraeus Precious Metals and Sibanye-Stillwater are partnering to explore new applications for platinum-group metals (PGM) in the hydrogen economy, specifically how existing or new applications could profit from the unique traits of palladium. The joint aim is to develop alternative markets for palladium and support the emerging hydrogen sector with technical innovations. The project will be ...

Palladium Bounce

Palladium rose by 8% on Wednesday, regaining a premium against its sister metal platinum, as some investors covered their short positions after the volatile metal held above the $900 level.

“We must stop thinking that electric cars will solve all our problems,” said Guilbeault, who was the keynote speaker at a fundraising luncheon at the Westin Montreal via live video feed from Ottawa. The event was organized by the public transit advocacy group Trajectoire Québec, and brought together about 250 key players in the fields of public transportation, municipal politics, energy and ...

The key problem with using hydrogen as an “energy carrier” is that, unlike coal or natural gas, hydrogen cannot be extracted directly in elemental form and then used. Instead, hydrogen, like electricity, must be manufactured. And in contrast to crude oil that must be refined into usable products like gasoline and diesel fuel, more energy is required to manufacture hydrogen than that hydrogen ...


The price of platinum has erased its discount to sister metal palladium for the first time in 6 years, but it's hit a new record discount against gold after the PGM metals both fell hard on concerns over 2024 supply and demand. The 'basket price' of platinum-group metals sank by 38% last year, leaving "roughly half of global PGM mine supply operating at a loss," says specialist consultancy Metals ...

Tanaka Green Shield

Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K., a producer and recycler of precious metals, says it has established a method that can recover metals including platinum and palladium that are adhere to certain types of equipment used in semiconductor manufacturing and other processes.


Mastermelt Ltd – Precious Metal Recovery Specialist proudly announces the strategic acquisition of IEX Technologies Ltd, a leading provider of advanced ion exchange materials and process technology.
Simultaneously, we are pleased to announce the acquisition of the solvent distillation process plant from Green Lizard Technologies

Platinum Bullion

"We see a positive year ahead for platinum with an anticipated deficit of 350,000 ounces in 2024, constituting 5% of the total platinum demand for the year," said independent analyst Ross Norman.

Backed by their respective expertise, the two companies aim to optimize the process of producing e-methanol from green hydrogen and CO2, paving the way for a more sustainable energy landscape. This collaboration will see BASF provide its cutting-edge SYNSPIRE catalyst technology, which Envision Energy will integrate with its innovative energy management system. The two organisations plan to ...

Green Hydrogen

Thanks to generous subsidies, the world is about to start making a lot more low- and zero-carbon H2. These charts show how. To be clear, the world does make a fair amount of H2 today. It’s just overwhelmingly dirty H2, made using fossil fuels. Nearly all of the 95,000 kt of H2 produced each year comes from an emissions-intensive process called steam methane reforming, which uses fossil gas as its ...

The Royal Mint

The Royal Mint has partnered with the Ministry of Defence’s Defence Equipment Sales Authority to process redundant, non-saleable defense equipment at The Royal Mint’s new South Wales based plant each year
The Royal Mint has developed a world-first processing facility to recover gold from electronic device using patented chemistry


“There’s a lot of discussions right now around the end of the combustion engine,” Meschke said yesterday at the launch of the Macan in Singapore. “I think it could be delayed.”

Elemental Holdings Corporate Offices

As part of the partnership, Mitsubishi will provide a trade finance working capital facility that will support the ramping up of Elemental's PGM smelter/refinery to full production. Mitsubishi will also make an equity investment in Elemental's operating subsidiary in the United States. The parties have a clear intent to grow their partnership through further collaboration in PGMs and other metals ...


Leading eFuels provider Infinium and Amogy Inc., a pioneer of carbon-free, energy-dense power solutions, have entered into a MoU to explore opportunities to integrate their technologies and develop commercial applications across the eFuels and green ammonia value chain. Infinium and Amogy are also exploring collaborations with both Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group and SK Innovation for ...

EU Parlament

The new regulation will establish more stringent CO2 emissions standards for heavy-duty vehicles, with targets set for 2030, 2035, and 2040. This framework is designed to ensure that this niche of the transport sector plays its part in reducing overall CO2 emissions.

The agreement establishes precise goals for decreasing emissions from HDVs, with a 45% reduction target for the years 2030–2034 ...

Wood Mackenzie says the solar industry has reached a new stage in its evolution and is predicting around 350 GW of global solar installations annually for the next eight years. The research firm is also forecasting challenges for the solar manufacturing sector and long-awaited benefits from the Inflation Reduction Act in the United States.

BASF and Heraeus JV

BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions (ECMS) and Heraeus Precious Metals have commenced operations of a new joint venture facility, BASF HERAEUS Metal Resource Co., Ltd, (BHMR) located in Pinghu, China. The facility recovers precious metals from spent automotive catalysts, enabling a circular economy, while supporting China’s security of supply and sustainability goals.

Schematic image showing the characteristics of RuSiW. (Left) Dark-field STEM, (Center) EDX elemental mapping images of RuSiW, and (Right) High-resolution bright-field TEM image of RuSiW. Credit: UNIST

A joint research team has successfully developed a bifunctional water electrolysis catalyst for the high-efficiency and stable production of high-purity green H2.
The newly developed catalyst exhibits exceptional durability even in highly corrosive acidic environments. By utilizing ruthenium, silicon, and tungsten (RuSiW), the catalyst is more cost-effective compared to conventional platinum (Pt) ...

Palladium vs Platinum Price

The rate at which platinum is displacing palladium in the manufacture of autocatalysts is slowing due to the sister metals approaching price parity, a trend which is likely to persist through this year, analysts said. Growing use of platinum in autocatalysts that reduce harmful emissions from internal combustion engines and rising sales of battery-powered electric vehicles was behind the 39% ...

Honda has not replaced Clarity FCEV, which retired in 2022

Honda believes hydrogen fuel cell technology has a role to play in the future of the passenger car, once the ‘battery EV era’ is fully under way.

AMOGY and Mitsubishi Corporation

Amogy's technology combines ammonia cracking and hydrogen fuel-cell power generation into a single system, enabling streamlined and efficient use of this low-carbon fuel. In addition, Amogy's ammonia cracking technology is expected to have high potential to be utilized as hydrogen carrier in large-scale transportation.